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Music Label is a professional music organizer and manager
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Music Label 2011 is a program that allows to create and maintain a database with information about your music collection.
This way you can have a complete catalog of your albums. You can store the names of all the songs included in your recordings, along with the name of the composer and performer names, and how much does each track last. The database can also hold information about each album in your collection, such as the name of the album, the year when it was published, the artist which recorded it, the media in which is recorded, the company that launched it, your personal rating, the list of themes included in the album and its cover image. You can input this information manually. Or you can let the program read your CDs, and download its information from the CCDB database.

The program allows you event to keep track of the albums you have lent to someone, so you will remember who has them, and when you lent it.

You can use the trial version of this program free for 14 days. The program works under Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000.

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